Updates to the WA DOE CLARC Tables

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Updates to the WA DOE CLARC Tables

The State of Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) has recently updated its CLARC Spreadsheet in February 2024. In Summary, the CLARC Spreadsheet provides information to determine cleanup levels for hazards waste sites. Including:

  • Method A Cleanup Levels
  • Default Human cleanup levels for soil, groundwater, surface water, air, and Vapor intrusion
  • Physical parameters and toxicity of chemicals
  • Federal and state legal standards for cleanup levels
  • A table of noncancer toxic effects of chemicals as listed by the EPA

What are the Updates to the CLARC Spreadsheet?

  1. Updated Toxicity Values, based on EPA’s November 2023 Regional Screening Level Table:
    • Oral RfD: Acrylonitrile lots its ASDT chronic RfD. The ATSDR Value has been replaced with chronic oral RfD provided in EPA’s HEAST.
    • Ihalation RfC/RfDI: Nickle lost its ATSDR chronic Rfc. The ATSDR value has been replaced with the chronic RfC provided by CAL EPA.
    • No updates to the oral CFP or the inhalation IUR/CPFI.

These updated toxicity values, including values for new chemicals are highlighted blue in the table.

  1. Added non cancer effects information for acrylonitrile, n-hexane, and nickel.
  2. Updated chemical-specific values:
    • Added molecular weight as a chemical-specific value, (Column CB in the Master Table). Used to evaluate fate and transport and is included in the four-phase portioning leaching model.
    • Updated solubility for PFNA, a PFAS compound.
    • Updated vapor pressure for HFPO-DA GenX, a PFAS compound.
    • Updated Kd and Koc for HFO-DA Gen X.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Risk Assessment Information System (RAIS) chemical database was reviewed to incorporate the updates to chemical-specific data in CLARC.

  1. Added Chemical Data Subgroup Colum. Used to break down the data groups into sub-categories which align with categories in the Ecology’s Cleanup and Tank Search database.

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