McAlister GeoScience is an effective and results-focused firm leveraging extensive experience with the successful design and implementation of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments and Geotechnical Investigations.  McAlister GeoScience possesses extensive experience in activities associated with the implementation of remedial action including agency interaction and all aspects of project management.  McAlister GeoScience personnel have also proven to be effective project managers and technical specialists performing data analysis and reporting, remedial action, and compliance activities obtaining regulatory closure at numerous facilities located in Southern California. McAlister GeoScience has proven to be an industry leader in geotechnical investigations regarding subsurface conditions prior to ground-up development on a very competitive cost-basis to clients.


State of Washington General Contractor’s License # MCALIGI771LM

Our Values

Values Statement – On any project, the client’s goals are our top priority. Each project may require a different focus, be it price, technical superiority, or an accelerated time frame; McAlister GeoScience is experienced and prepared to deliver what the client needs.

Our Mission

McAlister GeoScience is a diverse team of geologists, engineers, and environmental toxicologists providing multiple, creative, and technically sound solutions for geologic and environmental challenges facing property owners, developers, and managers; delivered on time and accurately. The goal of providing these services is to forge a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Vision

McAlister GeoScience aspires to become a firm everyone can turn to not only as technical experts and guides, but as long-term partners they can rely on.


David McAlister is the Founder and Principal of McAlister GeoScience. David has over 18 years of experience in the environmental field working for ERM and Tetra Tech. It was in 2012 we started McAlister GeoScience. From there it has grown into the multi-discipline, geological consulting firm with the same core value in mind, helping our clients achieve their goals.

Approach to Projects

In many ways, McAlister GeoScience is a rather casual group of scientists, geologists, and engineers. We have no corporate management, massive accounting team, or overly complicated contracting department. We simply provide good quality and technically sound solutions to our clients.


The rich tapestry of the State of California’s regulatory climate is the blast-forge from which we developed our signature approach. To say that we understand and have a good relationship with the various Federal, State, and Local oversight agencies is an understatement.


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Long Beach: (562) 489-7908
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