The Effect of Tariffs on Environmental Remediation

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We recently received a message from one of our suppliers with the details of how the current tariffs are effecting the cost and availability of various remediation compounds.

Specifically compounds of Permanganate supplied from China are expected to have limited supply and increased costs.  Compounds of Peroxide, Polysulfide, Hydroxide, and Zero Valent Iron have domestic sources and are not expected to have an effect on their availability or cost.  If you are planning on performing a chemical redox remediation project in the

near future, this is something you will want to consider.

The new tariffs were published in the Federal Register May/09/2019. Items and their tariff rates are listing by Harmonized Commodity

Description and Coding System (HS Code) which is utilized internationally. Specific remediation chemicals identified for an applied 25% tariff are:

2841 00 00 Potassium Permanganate, 2849 69 00 Sodium Permanganate, both are sourced from china and will be affected by tariffs. Potassium permanganate has significant suppliers from India which will mitigate some of the cost impact, however these suppliers are taking the opportunity to increase prices at the source. Suppliers are trying to shift sodium permanganate supply to non-tariff countries if they can get better rate. A significant amount of each was stockpiled prior to May 09, 2019, which will stabilize prices for short time (next 3-5 months).

2825 90 90 calcium peroxide, 2830 90 90 calcium polysulfide, 2815 12 00 sodium hydroxide, 2847 00 00 hydrogen peroxide are available domestically and should not see direct impacts from tariffs but may see some price increase due to large industrial importers looking for domestic supply.

Zero Valent Iron used in remediation is partially covered in HS Code 7203.90.00 Spongy ferrous products, in lumps, pellets or like forms, and the HS Code Category 7204.10 through 7205.10. There are domestic and other foreign suppliers of ZVI imports so the tariffs will not directly affect all suppliers, however, they may be increased costs due to limiting competition.

For more information, see our Supplier’s website, Hepure

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