McAlister GeoScience is a well-rounded environmental and geotechnical consulting firm with an array of services to suit your needs. We work with clients to provide timely, reliable and cost-effective results for the necessary components of real estate transactions, development, redevelopment, and environmental regulatory site remediation leading to site closure. Have a contaminated site? Relax, McAlister GeoScience is there every step of the way to ensure the site is responsibly remediated. Our firm works closely with professionals in all industries we provide services for and no matter what your request may be, McAlister GeoScience is there to work FOR YOU. Please contact us should you have any specific questions about a service we offer.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I environmental site investigations are routinely conducted to support pre-development property transactions, developed property transfers, and site closures. Lending institutions, realty corporations, landholders, and private individuals must consider environmental contamination as a potential risk when considering properties for acquisition. Purchase of a contaminated property can result in assumption of significant cost for cleanup. To address this issue, purchasers of real estate consider an environmental assessment as a routine component of an acquisition.

McAlister GeoScience maintains very low overhead and straightforward contracting terms to accelerate turnaround times and reduce contracting headaches all at extremely competitive pricing.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II environmental site investigations are performed to delineate horizontal and vertical extent of volatile organics, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other chemicals of concern should a Phase I ESA find the potential for contamination. McAlister GeoScience has effectively managed field activities, coordinated with analytical laboratories, evaluated data, and prepared reports associated with ongoing groundwater monitoring programs in addition to more basic studies of shallow contaminated soils.

Site Remediation

Technically sound and legally defensible solutions performed in a teaming fashion to meet regulatory requirements, schedule, and budget. If a property comes up dirty, McAlister GeoScience is there alongside you to ensure the problem is remediated. We have relationships with teams ready to assist you every step of the way from drilling, laboratory work, system installation & operation to regulatory compliance. At McAlister GeoScience we work for you and want to assist in turning a dirty problem into a clean solution.

Technical Memorandums

For many properties, a full Phase I Assessment is overkill or otherwise not necessary.  A Technical Memorandum can be developed in an expedited time-frame at minimal cost to summarize the numerous information sources available.

Asbestos / Lead-Based Paint Surveys and Abatement

Surveys and abatement performed by licensed experts in a teaming fashion.  All services provided on a turn-key basis with one point of contact for ease of management.

Geotechnical Investigations

Planning a development? McAlister GeoScience provides geotechnical investigations necessary prior to the development of buildings, highways, dams and other structures. These include soil/rock, fault and bedrock properties that lie on the surface and within the subsurface. McAlister GeoScience is there to support the multiple phases of development from preliminary design through completion of the structure. As your consultant, we are there to make professional judgments and advise developers with necessary information regarding structural safety of the development as it relates to the soil conditions and economic feasibility of the project.

Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), also known as Property Condition Reports (PCRs), are due diligence reports prepared to inform clients about the condition of a property that they may be purchasing, leasing, financing, or maintaining. A PCA report consists of insight into the building’s structure, roofing systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing, interior elements, etc. The report includes immediate costs of elements in need of repair and estimated costs for elements to be repaired or replaced at a later time.


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