Industrial Property Redevelopment

Underground Storage Tank Removal - Vernon, California


The Subject Property consists of approximately five acres of undeveloped land at 5001 Soto Street in the city of Vernon, California.  The Subject Property is currently fenced on all sides with no existing structures or operations present. However, active grading was being conducted during the tank removal activities.

Following demolition activities and during the performance of grading activities, one underground storage tank was identified in the central-southwestern portion of the Subject Property.  

The tank was found to be approximately 10,000 gallons in size.  The tank was filled with poorly graded sub-angular fine sand. The presence of sand within the tank cavity indicates the tank was previously abandoned in-place and filled with sand slurry.  The sand within the tank appeared to be predominantly clean with some isolated areas of hydrocarbon staining and hydrocarbon odors consistent with historic USTs that have been abandoned in place.  The top of the tank was found approximately two feet below ground surface and with the estimated eight-foot diameter; a resulting total depth of the tank pit is estimated to be ten feet below existing ground surface.  


The tank was removed from the excavation, folded and cut into sections, and the resulting steel was combined with the existing on-site scrap metal stockpile for transportation to a recycler at the end of the grading project.  At no time were torches or spark-producing tools utilized to manipulate the removed tank.

Two samples were collected from the base of the tank pit following removal of the tank.  The tank was inspected upon removal and no indication of holes, cracks or other compromises to the integrity of the base of the tank were observed.  The samples collected were analyzed for petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds. All volatile organic compounds and petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations were below the respective screening levels.

Agency Interaction

The City of Vernon Fire Department and the City of Vernon Department of Health and Environmental Control oversaw all work and granted closure upon receipt of the McAlister GeoScience final tank removal report.