My name is David McAlister, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Here I will post my thoughts and impressions on the commercial and industrial real estate market, specifically property where the soil and/or groundwater has been adversely impacted in some way and requires environmental scrutiny. To put it briefly, dirty property.

I have been working in the environmental consulting field in the Los Angeles area since 2001, first at Environmental Resources Management (ERM), followed by Tetra Tech beginning in the first quarter of 2005, and now as the owner of my own business, McAlister GeoScience.

My professional experience has been predominantly in the support of industrial and commercial real estate transactions, specifically Phase I & Phase II investigations, agency interaction, and in-depth site investigation / remediation work. I have been working with real estate agents, loan agents, loan processors, investors, and developers. My professional experience has also included litigation support and regulatory compliance as well site investigation and remediation for a number of Fortune 100 companies over the years at various sites in the greater Los Angeles area. This has provided me with exposure to vast array of environmental challenges that are facing property managers and risk management professionals today.

It should be noted that this blog and the contents of the posts that I have made are my opinions or facts reported by me. The statements made on this blog are in no way representative of my employer, clients, former employer(s), former clients, or regulatory agencies. Individual comments and posts made by other individuals are also their opinions alone and do not represent me, my employer, clients, former employer(s), former clients, or regulatory agencies.

I hope you find my blog informative and somewhat entertaining. I will attempt to keep things light because I know that some of the technical details I work with can be extremely dry. Feel free to post your comments and / or questions any time, I would love the feedback!