EPA Settlement at Del Amo Site

Earlier this week I got a message that the EPA had reached a $14.6 million settlement for the groundwater cleanup at the, “Del Amo Site” in Torrance, California.  The settlement is intended to cover the costs associated with the construction of the groundwater pump and treat system that will be installed at the former Montrose Chemical site.  The Montrose Chemical facility in Torrance manufactured DDT and synthetic rubber products over approximately 30 years beginning around the time of the second world war.

This groundwater treatment system is engineered to be massive and treat nearly a million gallons of water per day.  The system is also expected to be operated in perpetuity; although not at the full 700 gallons per minute / million gallons per day flow rate.

My personal interest in this is that I worked for a client at a neighboring property and while I am no long working on that project, that client is potentially going to have to contribute to the Del Amo groundwater treatment system in some way.  This article specifically mentioned that the EPA will pursue further settlements with the other parties to ensure that additional cleanup actions are taken and the groundwater treatment system is operated and maintained until cleanup levels are met.  That sounds ominous for my former client.  Good luck to them.

Click the following link for more info on the Del Amo site:  EPA Del Amo Info Site

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  1. Congratulations on hanging up your own shingle Dave! The environmental community can always use a competent small firm to keep the big guys on their toes. Some of the small mom and pops do cheap but substandard work. I welcome an ethical professional such as yourself. Congratulations again.


    Andy Cano, P.G.

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