Perchlorate in Los Angeles Business Journal

The Los Angeles Business Journal issued an article on Perchlorate in their last issue on the California Environmental Protection Agency’s new draft regulation on Perchlorate at 1 µg/L. This new concentration is significantly lower than what nearly everyone is accepting as the the current regulatory limit of 4 µg/L. There is currently still much investigation and discussion on weather the science even supports a regulatory limit of 4 µg/L, let alone 1 µg/L.

Link: Los Angeles Business Journal (Login Required)

One other consideration that the scientific community has been working with, not mentioned in this article and seemingly not many other places in the main-stream; is the differentiation between the various types of perchlorate. There appear to be three predominant sources of perchlorate industrial, agricultural, and naturally occurring perchlorate. Others in my office (Tt-GEO) recently published an article in one of the trade journals, Groundwater. The article highlights some work we performed on behalf of a client and over six years of research that is currently ongoing. They have used a form of analysis called Isotopic Analysis. Truly, as engaging and fascinating as you would expect scientific trade journal articles to be!

Link: Isotopic Perchlorate Article in Groundwater Journal

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