New Perchlorate & Ethylbenzene Standards Adopted

секцииLast week, the California EPA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment published new California Human Health Screening levels (CHHSLs) for Perchlorate in soil and Ethylbenzene in soil gas. The concentrations are:

Residential Soil Gas on engineered fill – 1.1 µg/L
Residential Soil Gas on base soil – 0.42 µg/L
Industrial Soil Gas on engineered fill – 3.6 µg/L
Industrial Soil Gas on base soil – 1.4 µg/L

Residential Soil – 28 mg/Kg
Industrial Soil – 350 mg/Kg

There has been a significant amount of discussion regarding regulatory limits of perchlorate in drinking water. Now that there is an adopted standard for perchlorate in soil, I would expect a standard for drinking water and groundwater to follow shortly.

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