Carson Neighborhood

There was an interesting article posted in the Los Angeles times today titled, “Toxic Soil Lurks Beneath Carson’s Carousel Neighborhood”. The Los Angeles times always has a flair for the dramatic and this article’s title is no exception, but this is a very real concern. There are all the makings of a major environmental case that will likely take decades to resolve: High profile lawyers, big oil companies, and lower-middle class neighborhoods.

I have been hearing a bit about this case on and off for the past couple of years from colleagues and it is always interesting to see something hit the streets like this and see what the media picks up on.

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Toxic soil lurks beneath Carson neighborhood
The discovery of methane gas and benzene has transformed a 50-acre neighborhood into an environmental case study — a reminder of Southern California’s history as a center of the oil industry.

By Jeff Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times

April 27, 2010

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